I've worked with many agencies over the years, and have been lucky to have dealt with some good people who have done great work for me. None, though, have come close to the tireless dedication and personal connection that Sandor provides when dealing with his clients. I trust his judgement and work without reservation, and can always rely on him to build an excellent relationship with the companies he deals with on my behalf. I cannot recommend him highly enough - Sandor should always be your first point of contact when looking for new opportunities.

Mark Hogben, Tools Engineer at Lionhead Studios

My experience of working with Sandor was remarkable. Sandor is very professional, extremely committed and knowledgeable. He helped me to find my current job at The Foundry, consistently supporting me throughout the recruitment process. He genuinely cared about my application, which I found very encouraging. When I had any queries he answered to his full capabilities or pointed me in the right direction. He had a very strong understanding of the job position, which helped me to prepare for my interview. He provided me with resources that helped me to gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. His excellent communication skills meant that I was always well informed regarding my recruitment situation. I would certainly work with him again.

Barbara Dobosova, QA Engineer at The Foundry

My first contact with Sandor was interesting. I generally avoid recruiters, but his introduction was different: unique, to the point and intriguing. Giving him a chance was worth it. All the way through, Sandor provided honest advice and suggestions, was open to feedback, and got me talking with studios I wouldn't have normally considered. It was obvious that rather than the method of "flood every studio with a pulse" that quite a few recruiters do, Sandor's method was surgical and more about making the biggest impact. It wasn't long before I jumped to a great role. If you need to see Sandor's impact, check out the number of recommendations on this page; specifically which studios are mentioned. It's safe to say that he has managed to staff a considerable part of certain studios in the UK. I've no idea when I'd be looking to move on, but there's a good chance I'll be working with Sandor again when I do

Jon Wills, Freelance Tools Programmer

Sandor is a great recruiting professional that is well established in the industry related to CG. You can tell that he loves what he is doing as he is very engaged and I found working with him tremendously helpful as I got hired for my desired position very quickly. He has tons of good advice to give, helps to prepare for interviews and is a very nice friendly person. Based on my experiences I safely and explicitly recommend working with him.

Ivo Grigull, Python TD at The Foundry

Sandor is an excellent recruiter and helped me to find job from beginning till the end! He was always happy to answer my questions and respond time was lightning fast! When I finally found the job it felt like he was as happy as I was :) Overall - he is the person who cares about his job and yours job :)

Aleksejs Belezjaks, Gameplay Programmer at Ninja Theory

Sandor has some fantastic contacts and landed me many interviews at top-tier companies. He eventually introduced me to my current company, which is in a sector I wasn't considering but has nonetheless proved a brilliant move. Excellent work all round!

Tom Edwards, Software Engineer at The Foundry

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandor throughout my entire career and have always found his professional yet affable approach to recruitment to be extremely successful. I believe what truly sets him apart is the willingness to use his vast industry knowledge and experience in order to help offer outstanding advice and support.

Sam Bugden, Senior Technical Artist at Geomerics

Sandor is a very easy guy to work with and he helped me secure my job as an FX Artist at Ninja Theory. He understood what NT were looking for and took the time to view my work to ensure I was right for the role before contacting me. He then took care of the application and helped throughout the hiring process, checking in at each stage to hear how things were going and to advise me on the next step. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his expertise.

Ross Sharp, FX Artist at Ninja Theory

Sandor has a very strong attention to detail and that helps him find you the perfect job based on your previous experience, studies and professional aspirations. During my recruitment by The Foundry, he was very helpful in preparing me for interviews and the selection process. Even after the hire was done, he would still call me up to check if everything was of my satisfaction with the new role. I can simply say that he is the best recruiter that I have ever worked with.

Ricardo Javier Cevallos Seligmann, Senior Project Manager at FootClicks

Sandor is a highly professional, experienced and talented recruiter who not only knows the markets he works with well, but also has the innate talent of being able to match successfully and accurately prospective employees with employers and suitable available positions. He is friendly and easy to talk to and he cares first and foremost for the people he provides his services for. I would recommend Sandor wholeheartedly and without any reservation to anyone seeking recruitment services.

Chris Pigas, Software Development Team Lead

Sandor is a top notch recruiter. A friendly guy who is knowledgeable, professional & reliable. He recently assisted in the process of helping me land a great job and a big boost on my career path. I would recommend Sandor to anyone else looking to change jobs, or looking to start something new!

Paul Clayton, Environment Artist at Ninja Theory

I usually try not to have any business with recruitment agencies. There is nothing wrong with them, but after several attempts to find a new job using agencies I didn't feel that it makes any sense to deal through an "ordinary" recruiter, who I thought was Sandor. But when I decided finally to give it a try, I realised that Sandor is actually the first recruiter I worked with, who cares. Cares of simple and clear communication between you and an employer, arranges phone and in-house interviews, gives his professional advices regarding the position, and more, and more. I definitely recommend Sandor to everyone who would like to get the best recruitment service.

Sergey Sitnikov, Senior Programmer at Ninja Theory

It was a pleasure working with Sandor. He took the time to understand what I was looking for in a role and only ever sent me those that were relevant and high-profile. He was also great to talk to at each stage of the interview process, making me think critically about not only the work at each company but the people and environment as well to make sure I was confident with each decision. Anyone looking for an exciting new role in the games or computer graphics industries cannot go wrong with getting in contact with Sandor.

Owen Angell, Senior Engine Programmer at Ninja Theory

Mr. Sandor Roberts was the first recruiter who helped me find a job in the game industry, and I have to say that he placed a very high standard. Very professional and helpful in every step of the way, he also took the time to contact me at some key moments to take the temperature/talk about the future. I never thought I would be working at a big AAA game studio so quickly, but thanks in large part to him I now work as a trainee artist for Rocksteady Studios Ltd. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a change in his/her career. Thanks again!

Kevin Duhaien Dit Duin, 3D Environment Artist at Splash Damage